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THE 2018 International Society for Performance Improvement's Regional Symposium

October 18-20, 2018

Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan 

In 2018, ISPI will embark on twelve months of storytelling...The Story of Performance Improvement. The art of understanding, listening, and telling are key elements to compelling and driving change. As consultants, we seek to understand the problems a client faces; as researchers, we try to listen to what the data tells us and compare to trends; and as trainers, we strive to tell a story that is compelling enough to transform the way we engage with and learn from one another. Each story begins with a problem, is filled with action, and ends with real results. ISPI has a story to tell!

More information on a special summer storytelling institute in Washington DC is coming soon!

2016-2017 Chapter Leadership


Peter Baverso
Past President:

William (Bill) Yeager, CPT
Program Chair:    Vacant Contact any board member for info.
Vice President of Admin: Lenz Bayas
Vice President of Finance: James K. Govoni 
ISPI/RSPI Liaison:  Molly Wankel
Marketing & Communications Chair:   TBD
Membership Chair: TBD 
Archivist and visionary: Jeffrey Jorney

ISPI Potomac Awards

ISPI Potomac Chapter is the current recipient of both the 2016 ISPI Chapter of Excellence and 2016 Chapter of Merit.


Click to download a copy of our Organizational Chart: 

ISPI OrgChart 031017.pdf

Please contact us with any questions!

ISPI Potomac Sponsors

ISPI Potomac Chapter greatly appreciates the support of our fine sponsors.  Please click on the links and visit our sponsors.

We encourage you to get involved, develop your network, build new skills, and have fun! Please email us to share your ideas and learn more about our needs! Board terms are from July-June, with elections in May, but we welcome your involvement at any point during the year. Below are key responsibilities for our board roles.


  • Set annual chapter goals based on five-year strategic plan
  • Assist other board members in carrying out their roles and meeting annual goals
  • Maintain relationships with other professional associations to support marketing and programs

Past President

  • Support President and Program Chair in planning monthly events
  • Advise board on strategy and goals

Program Chair

  • Secure speakers for monthly events
  • Market events and write monthly newsletter, using
  • Administer events with speaker and facility representative, and arrange for dinner

Vice President of Administration

  • Participate in and takes the minutes for all monthly virtual Board meetings
  • Monitor the functioning of the ISPI repository (Wiki)
  • Assist Program Chair in the planning and implementation of monthly events 

Vice President of Finance

  • Maintain and report on chapter accounts and records
  • Collect and deposit payments
  • Reimburse members and others as needed

Membership Chair

  • Welcome new members
  • Track membership numbers
  • Identify and coordinate volunteers

Marketing & Communications Chair

  • Market chapters events on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter
  • Help chapter maintain social media presence
  • Educate board members on social media marketing

Archivist and Visionary

  • Maintain chapter history and records
  • Participate in strategic planning

International / Rwandan Society for Performance Improvement (ISPI/RSPI) Liaison

  • Represent chapter to International Society
  • Represent chapter to Rwandan Society mentorship
  • Complete documents submitted to International Society


  • Maintain annual domain registration and related accounts
  • Advise Board on website
  • Perform website maintenance when needed

Other Ways to Get Involved

  • Registrar: Check in attendees at events, take payments, and update website with attendee information
  • Greeter: Attend in-person events, greet attendees, and identify new attendees
  • Marketing Outreach: Assist with identifying and contacting university programs and local groups/associations to market chapter events
  • Marketing Presenter: Attend university class or event to give a short presentation on ISPI and the Potomac chapter
  • Water Bringer: Bring a case of water to in-person events.
  • Evaluations: Schedule, analyze, and produce report for evaluations of chapter events
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